Re: Slack alternatives?

Steven Tan

What’s the open source alternative?

On Mar 26, 2018, at 1:48 PM, Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis@...> wrote:

Hello everyone!

I have been seeing this conversation take place in other communities, so I thought it would be good to bring up here while our community is still relatively young.

Here is a discussion currently going on in the Kata Containers community:

Slack is a commercial, closed-source product that happens to be free to use, but is not actually an open platform. It has a nice fancy UI, and there are a lot of folks used to using it for work and other involvement. But I do have some concerns about it that Anne and Graham neatly summed up here:

So just raising the question to see if anyone else has thoughts around this. Should OpenSDS be using Slack as our communication platform, or should we be looking at other, more open, alternatives.

I'm just getting the conversation started, so please feel free to chime in, no matter what your opinion on Slack or its alternatives.


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