OpenSDS Technical Meeting Minutes - May 7, 2019

Xing Yang

Thank you for attending today's technical meeting. Here are the meeting minutes.


  • Capri milestone 3 is this week.

  • Development update

    • Ceph Metrics driver

      • [Click2Cloud]

      • [Prakash] Issue and approach taken for CEPH metrics driver

      • Problem: The collect method in Ceph exporter cannot be used directly because it sends data directly to Prometheus. There’s “set” but no “get”.

      • Workaround: We need to write a method similar to collect in our Metrics driver for us to collect data.

      • Click2Cloud: target to complete by end of May.

    • [Click2Cloud] Thin OpenSDS: review in progress

    • [Click2Cloud] Helm install with Ceph: please check repo and rebase.

    • [Prakash/Naju] Telemetry: Post metrics PR will be updated soon. Will address volume instance ID issue and move to separate dock next.

    • [Shufang/Neelam] Object lifecycle: PRs being reviewed. Work done on default storage tiers and get/put APIs. Next work on user-defined storage tier and recovery API.

    • [Shruthi/Pravin] File share: PRs on file share and snapshot basic APIs are merged. PRs on profiles, etc. are in review.  PRs on access APIs and default NFS driver will be submitted soon.

    • [Xulin/Himanshu/Ashit] Automation & orchestration: Bucket migration workflow is done. Service listing and execution API is done. Provisioning workflow is partially done. PRs on service definition and other actions such as snapshot, extend are being reviewed.

    • [Anvith] Dashboard: integration and testing in progress

    • [Jiajun] Anomaly detection: Training/Prediction service for Gaussian and DBSCAN is done. Work on reading from mysql database next. Prakash/Naju will help with Data Generator and collect data from LVM metrics driver.

    • NVMeoF CSI support: PR submitted but depending on hotpot release to pass CI.

    • PRs need attention: Many PRs need to be reviewed.

  • Design discussions

    • [Click2Cloud] Interested in Block Storage migration. Will discuss in the next meeting.

  • Capri planning

  • Open discussions


On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 12:10 PM Xing Yang <xingyang105@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we will have the OpenSDS Technical meeting on Tuesday.

Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm UTC (9:00am-10:00am PT or 12:00pm-1:00pm ET)

Zoom Link:

Meeting agenda is here:

Please add any item you want to discuss in the agenda doc.


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