[Meeting Notes] SODA Global Community Meeting Today!

Sanil Kumar

Dear All,
Thanks for joining today's community meeting.

Topics Discussed:
  • Hawaii Release
    • Release announcement today
  • 2021 Roadmap
    • Priority for Technology and Users
  • SODACON2020 Summary
    • 60+ speakers, 25+ orgs, 2 days, ~30 sessions, 400+ participants
    • Slides and videos links are in the meeting notes
  • SONY ODA Requirement for SODA
    • Cold Storage backend is a good use case for SODA
  • Multicloud Archival/Retrieval Design/Demo
    • Easy archival/restore and the possibility of hybrid archival/retrieval use case connecting soda on-premise (esp snapshots)
  • Support Needed for Community
    • Support TeamOsive for ceph setup with SODA
Detailed Meeting Notes:

Stay tuned for the SODA Hawaii release and get ready to use! :)
Have a nice weekend!

Thanks and Regards
"Lets make things simpler!"

On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 9:10 AM Sanil Kumar <skdsanil@...> wrote:
Dear All,
Wish you a very happy new year!
Hope you are doing well. We have the First SODA Community Meeting in 2021, today.  Please join!

SODA Global Community meeting is a regular sync-up meeting for discussing all the technical and ecosystem related aspects with all the members of the SODA community. It is open to all.

SODA Global Community Meeting
When: 08-Jan, 2021 Friday 6.30am-7.30am UTC
(https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ for getting your local time. Select (UTC) on the left side)
Where: Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/854038970
Password: 112233
What: Detailed Information/Agenda: http://bit.ly/sodaglobalcommunitymeeting
Please share and join
Thanks and Regards
"Lets make things simpler!"

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