Launch of SODA Foundation

Steven Tan

Hi All


We officially launched SODA Foundation on Monday, Jun 29.


I would like to thank everyone for coming together to make this possible.


We also announced SODA Faroe Release, the v1.0 of the SODA Open Data Framework. Faroe added block and file for multicloud, storage resource management and telemetry, Alibaba cloud support, and other great features as listed here:


Another announcement we made is that China Unicom donated YIG project, an object storage project to SODA Foundation. We are creating a SODA Incubator program to help the accelerate the development and adoption of YIG as well as other projects joining SODA. Details of the program will be published soon and we welcome projects interested in joining.


We have interesting plans for the rest of the year. Stay safe.




SODA Foundation Chairman


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