Re: SODA v1.1.0 Greenland Released!

Steven Tan

Thank you to all the SODA developers for all the hard work put into getting Greenland delivered. Stay safe and take a well-deserved break!


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Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 7:54 AM
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Subject: [SODA General] SODA v1.1.0 Greenland Released!


We are happy to announce SODA v1.1.0 Greenland Release Open Data Framework (ODF) Greenland release adds unified heterogeneous storage performance monitoring, enhanced resource/ alert management and integrates with Prometheus and Kafka to offer deep visibility and insights into cloud-native environments. It comes with added file/block cloud support along with existing object cloud backends. ODF delivers integrated data management and enables seamless data mobility between on-premise and multi-cloud.
It also provides the first experiment for Edge Data Management with SODA along with KubeEdge, a Kubernetes native edge computing platform & a CNCF project
Greenland: Together we can meet the challenge and grow to the best!
Thanks for all the support from each of you to make this happen on time!

Thanks and Regards
"Lets make things simpler!"

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