[Meeting Notes] SODA Global Community Meeting - 12-June, 2020 Friday 6.30am-7.30am UTC - ZoomID: 854038970

Sanil Kumar

Dear Friends,
Thanks a lot for joining the SODA Foundation Global Community Meeting today.
Please find the summary of the meeting:

1. MultiCloud Design Review [Fileshare support]
     > Reviewed the initial design and demo on the basic fileshare list api

2. Multicloud Dashboard Issue with s3 compatibility integration - updates 
     > Discussed on the signature issue from Dashboard for large file upload
     > PR where it is discussed
   > HELP NEEDED! Please ping if you have NodeJS expertise in #general slack

3. Heterogeneous Resource Manager API 
    > Due to lack of time, we could not discuss. Please check it offline

4. CSI Plug and Play
> Focus to update the design and build a basic prototype for the upcoming release
> If you are interested please ping in slack #csi-plugnplay

5. SODA Q2 Faroe Release Updates 
     > Testing in progress and target to release by 27th June  (
> SODA Launch on 29th June in OSS NA by Linux Foundation. SODA has a keynote session by Steven.
    > HELPNEEDED! Testing and Documentation for the release, please ping us in slack #general

Stay Safe and Have a nice weekend!
Thanks and Regards
"Lets make things simpler!"