[Meeting Notes] SODA Global Community Meeting - 24-July, 2020 Friday 6.30am-7.30am UTC - ZoomID: 854038970

Sanil Kumar

Dear All,
Thanks a lot for joining the SODA Global Community Meeting last Friday.
Please find the detailed meeting notes at
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  • Discussion on CSI updates and next. The design and update link available in the meeting notes
  • Documentation Support updates - Joy and team. They are keen to create a sustainable contribution
  •  High Level Requirements for G Release
  • SODA Programs like SODA PoC, SODA Incubator and SODA Mentoring ideas and how community can support
  • Upcoming Events. We have created a public event list where the community can contribute to suggest local or international events to consider for SODA. https://bit.ly/soda-general-event-list 
Thanks a lot.
Please stay safe!
Thanks and Regards
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