[Meeting Notes] SODA Global Community Meeting - 21-August, 2020 Friday 6.30am-7.30am UTC - ZoomID: 854038970

Sanil Kumar

Dear All,
Thanks a lot for joining the SODA Global Community Meeting today.
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  • SODA NTT PoC Updates - Kei
    • Discussed on the progress and issues
    • Need to update the VMware plugin documents and the same to PoC documents for better clarity of interfaces
  • SODA Community Contribution - Experience Sharing of a New contributor - Ravi
    • He is a student recently contributed to SODA for documentation. 
    • He shared how he started and suggested all new members to start small, like documentation, it will give more confidence to contribute more
  • Documentation work update from Osive (WIP) - Joy and Team
    • 8 member student team from Delhi called Osive mentored by Mr. Gurkhiv. SODA connected to them through our event in Delhi in Feb 2020
    • Joy shared their plan of making the E2E setup with K8S, VMWare, SODA and Ceph. The progress is really inspiring including their hardware lab setup for their work
    • Some of the details you can find at https://soda.osive.com/docs/sodatask/
  • Some topics which we could not discuss today, we will discuss offline and also through slack.
Stay Safe, Have a nice weekend.
Thanks and Regards
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