[Meeting Notes] SODA Global Community Meeting - 16-Oct, 2020 Friday 6.30am-7.30am UTC - ZoomID: 854038970

Sanil Kumar

Dear All,
Thanks a lot for joining the SODA Global Community Meeting today.

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  • MultiCloud Design / Support Updates : 
    1. Discussed Supported features and plan. Addition of file/block backends for Huawei Cloud

  • SODA v1.1.0 Greenland Release Feedback
    1. Installer cleanup issue

    2. NTT tested for VMware, NetApp NAS and multicloud (Dashboard issues will be raised)

    3. Installer improvement meeting to be planned (Team Osive, Noel, Others)

  • Hawaii Release planning 

    1. Initial at https://github.com/sodafoundation/soda/blob/master/roadmap.md

    2. Analysis & prioritize

Stay safe and have a nice weekend.
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