[SODA EUAC] Press Release: Welcome New Members Seagate & JDSF and upcoming Greenland release

Sanil Kumar

Welcome Seagate and JDSF to SODA Family. Looking forward to a great collaboration.
We are growing stronger with the continued support of our community :)
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On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 1:26 AM Steven Tan <steven@...> wrote:

Hi All


Please join me in welcoming Seagate Technology and Japan Data Storage Forum (JDSF) to SODA Foundation


As the industry leader in data storage and management solutions, Seagate participation is instrumental to the growth of the open data autonomy ecosystem.


JDSF is the leading storage-related organization in Japan, its participation helps SODA aligns its roadmap with the needs of manufacturers, systems integrators and users in Japan and beyond.


“We see the SODA Foundation’s open source approach to data movement and management API’s enabling hybrid cloud storage architecture management as key to datasphere growth,” said Ken Claffey, Vice President, Enterprise Data Solutions, Seagate Technology.”


“The SODA Foundation represents a global collaboration on the future of data mobility in every environment,” said Takatsuna Chikaraishi, Chairman at JDSF. “It’s a natural move for us to join the Foundation and help advance an open data framework for everyone.”



I am also happy to announce the upcoming Open Data Framework Greenland release


It includes Storage Performance Monitoring (SPM), SODA CSI plug-and-play, multi-cloud file services, KubeEdge integration and file support for NetApp ONTAP, among others.


  • SPM offers a unified view in heterogeneous storage environments and integrates with tools such as Prometheus and Kafka to provide deep visibility and insights into cloud native environments.
  • SODA CSI plug-and-play enables multi-vendor CSI storage to be managed by the SODA Open Data Framework, simplifying storage management for Kubernetes.
  • Multi-cloud file services offer support for Google Cloud Platform in addition to AWS and Azure
  • KubeEdge integration experimental feature provides a first glimpse into edge data
  • management with SODA.
  • File Support for NetApp ONTAP and more South Bound Drivers enables more on-premise Data Center use cases.


Below is the full press release:





SODA Foundation Chairman