We are happy to announce SODA Hawaii V1.2.0 Release!

Sanil Kumar

Dear All,
We are happy to announce SODA Hawaii V1.2.0 Release!
https://github.com/sodafoundation/soda/releases/tag/v1.2.0 SODA Open Data Framework (ODF) Hawaii Release adds storage performance monitoring (SPM) with anomaly detection and visualization with Grafana integration. This release also adds enhanced multi-cloud file & block support, hybrid cloud data archival/restore, and support for more heterogeneous vendor storage systems. It provides integrated data management for Kubernetes, VMware, and more.Key Features:
- Heterogeneous SPM with Anomaly Detection
- SPM Visualization (Grafana integration)
- Resource Monitoring for Port, Controller, and Disk
- Enhanced Multi-cloud File & Block Store
- Hybrid Cloud Data Archival/Restore
- Data Replication & CSI Plug and play use cases
- More Storage DriversThank you for all your support, especially during a challenging time during 2020!!
Looking forward to a great 2021!  
Thanks and Regards
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