Re: OpenSDS China Community Biweekly Meeting

Two ARs:
  1. In Open Source Hackathon, we’re going to have OpenSDS, Ceph, CFS, Cinder etc. storage project, we might reach out to the contacts from the projects and have a joint meeting with all storage people, right now we would like to see any proposal for the joint meeting.
  2. Ask who will be the reviewer of OpenSDS, can Yang Xing come? Chen Jing will ask her.

From: Wang, Shane
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Subject: RE: OpenSDS China Community Biweekly Meeting
Sorry, according to feedbacks from some community members, the China Community Biweekly Meeting prefers to use Chinese from now one. For those who can’t speak or understand Chinese, suggest to attend OpenSDS technical discussion meeting.
  1. Open
  2. Update from the last Shanghai meeting.
  3. China Open Source Hackathon update
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To: Wang, Shane; 'opensds-tech-discuss@...'; 'Steven Tan'; Chenjing (Jim, SDS Controller)
Cc: Ren, Qiaowei; 'Allen Samuels'; Zhu, Vivian; Chagam, Anjaneya; Jay S. Bryant; Rupal Shirpurkar; Liu, Wenjie; Yang, Shixin; Faizan Ahmad
Subject: OpenSDS China Community Biweekly Meeting
When: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Asia/Shanghai.
Welcome people in China to join OpenSDS China Community Session.
We also welcome anyone who are interested in the meetings to join our meetings.
I will post it to Wechat soon.
Shane Wang邀请您参加预先安排的Zoom会议。
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